Vrithi skin clinic is an exclusive skin boutique. Healthy skin is a beautiful skin. But we have many beauty concerns.

What is beauty?

Fair complexion , healthy, thick , lustrous hair, fit and toned body , beautiful , blemish free face , right make up to enhance the features , superb dressing sense –   all these address the right woman who is self confident and beautiful.

Is it possible to steal hearts by looking sooooo beautiful??

Is it possible to look fair, because i am genetically having a dark skin??

Whether i will look blemish free, my skin is very dull, tired, having lots of pimples – how i would like best?? Is it possible or till life time i have to live with loads of inferiority complex??

I am reaching my 40s and looking like i am in my 50s , i wanted to look half of my age and my husband should admire me and get attracted to me – more than ever – it is my dream , is it possible??

Hair fall, thinning hair, wanna reduce wait and look bright – lots more.

Vrithi makes everything possible.

Impossible is nothing in this science oriented industry.

No chemicals , no harsh treatments.

Latest machines would take the ingredients to the dermal layer and gives astronishing results.

Just in 6 months , an ordinary woman / girl would turn up angelic / angel like.

This is possible and it is a proven statement and affirmative mission of vrithi.

Visit us and feel we are a part of your family but aid you with extensive knowledge in beauty industry to make you look soooo cute and pretty.